Chemistry is education app. In this app you can find periodic table and database of elements and compounds with information about them.

Formula Solver

Fomrula Solver is education app. In this app are more than hunderd physical and chemical formulas and calculate them.

Math Calculator

Math Calculator is mathematical app. With this app you can calculate triangle, solving combinatoric formula and more.


(In development)
Simple app for taking notes. Notes can be sorted by tag.

Password generator

App for generating strong passwords

PDF Converter

App for converting PDF files to JPG or PNG images


Physics is my new app. In this you can find important physical constant, more than 100 physical formulas and some information about astronomy.

Project manager

(In development)
Powerfull app for managing your projects

Random number generator

SImple app for generating random numerical combinations

Text encryptor

Android app for encrypting text


(In development)
Powerfull app for your todos

Unit converter

Simple app for converting physicals and chemicals unit